General Information

Name: Helianthus petiolaris subsp. fallax
NCBI Taxid: 74150
Description: Helianthus petiolaris subsp. fallax is one of two subspecies of Helianthus petiolaris, the prairie sunflower, an annual, branched sunflower species. H. petiolaris subsp. fallax is native to the South-West of the US. Populations of H. petiolaris subsp. fallax have epeatedly adapted to sand dunes habitats. Together with other wild sunflower species, it is a long-standing model system for speciation, adaptation and ecotype formation studies, and, more recently, genomic studies. Wild sunflower species, including Helianthus petiolaris, have also contributed numerous useful alleles to the cultivated sunflower gene pool.

Helianthus petiolaris subsp. fallax is diploid and has a relatively large (3.3 Gbp), extremely repetitive genome, organized in 17 chromosomes. Numerous large chromosomal rearrangements and structural variants distinguish its genome from that of other wild sunflowers. Several multi-Mbp inversions distinguish dune-adapted from non-dune-adapted Helianthus petiolaris subsp. fallax, and are associated to several dune-specific traits.

Available Datasets

Dataset NameBuild#Samples#SNPs#Chromosomes#Phenotypes#CovariatesSharedPrivateOwner
Helianthus petiolaris subsp. fallax. SNPs remapped to HA412-HOv21221464022917680RiesebergLab

Available Gene-Annotation Sets

Gene Annotation Set NameNumber of Genes
HA412-HOv2 Eugene v185834

Chromosome Identifier

Chromosome ID Chromosome Name Start Position End Position
Ha412HOChr01 Ha412HOChr01 1 153905722
Ha412HOChr02 Ha412HOChr02 1 153905722
Ha412HOChr03 Ha412HOChr03 1 153905722
Ha412HOChr04 Ha412HOChr04 1 153905722
Ha412HOChr05 Ha412HOChr05 1 153905722
Ha412HOChr06 Ha412HOChr06 1 153905722
Ha412HOChr07 Ha412HOChr07 1 153905722
Ha412HOChr08 Ha412HOChr08 1 153905722
Ha412HOChr09 Ha412HOChr09 1 153905722
Ha412HOChr10 Ha412HOChr10 1 153905722
Ha412HOChr11 Ha412HOChr11 1 153905722
Ha412HOChr12 Ha412HOChr12 1 153905722
Ha412HOChr13 Ha412HOChr13 1 153905722
Ha412HOChr14 Ha412HOChr14 1 153905722
Ha412HOChr15 Ha412HOChr15 1 153905722
Ha412HOChr16 Ha412HOChr16 1 153905722
Ha412HOChr17 Ha412HOChr17 1 153905722


authorstitlepub yearjournalvolumepagesdoi
Marco Todesco et al.Massive haplotypes underlie ecotypic differentiation in sunflowers2020NatureNAN-A10.1038/s41586-020-2467-6