General Information of GWAS
Summary Statistics

General GWAS Summary
Project: Massive haplotypes underlie ecotypic differentiation in sunflowers (Todesco et al., 2020): H. petiolaris fallax Experiment Type Genome-wide Association Study
Date Started:Aug. 6, 2019, 10:37 p.m.Date Finished:Aug. 6, 2019, 10:47 p.m.

Selected Species and Dataset
Selected Species: Helianthus petiolaris subsp. fallax
Selected Dataset: Helianthus petiolaris subsp. fallax. SNPs remapped to HA412-HOv2
Selected Gene Annotation Set: HA412-HOv2 Eugene v1

Selected SNPs, Encodings and Filters
Selected SNPs: All SNPs selected MAF Filter:0.05
SNP encoding: Additive Selected Principle Components:3

Selected Phenotype
Phenotype Name: Leaf C N ratio Selected Transformation:None
Selected Algorithm: EMMAX Histogram:
Algorithm Details
Number of SNPs before Filtering: 4640229 Number of SNPs after Filtering:1585811
Number of Samples before Filtering: 203 Number of Samples after Filtering: 203
AIC Null-Model: 614.63 AICc Null-Model:614.94
BIC Null-Model: 631.20
Variance Explained by the Null Model: 0.03


authorstitlepub yearjournalvolumepagesdoi
Hyun Kang et al.Variance component model to account for sample structure in genome-wide association studies2010Nature Genetics42348-35410.1038/ng.548
Marco Todesco et al.Massive haplotypes underlie ecotypic differentiation in sunflowers2020NatureNAN-A10.1038/s41586-020-2467-6